bRijUNi architects taught at Architectural Association Summer School 2012

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As practitioners we understand the challenge of getting the attention of our creative students  with theoretical subjects like those regarding history, theory and criticism that we use to teach in our courses.

Deeply convinced of their usefulness to train architects capable of thinking by themselves in the future, as teachers, we focus on demonstrate it to students.To achieve this goal, we are constantly experimenting with new languages ​​and tools, closer to the contemporary ways of thinking. If the theoretical background and knowledge of the history of architecture is important, not less important is the need to be embedded in an architectural design. The idea of making a project, capable of connecting the theoretical knowledge with the practice of our profession is essential to train the mind of an architect. The language of the project jumps from the architectonic to the artistic, occasionally crossing boundaries or using techniques borrowed from cinema, art or literature,becoming performances or artistic installations that nevertheless help students to open their minds to new dimensions of architecture.

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